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Branding and Identity

Strategic Marketing and Branding

Miranda Design works with you to develop and evolve your brand. We assess your target market and make sure your campaign gets maximum bang for the buck.


Web Design and Development

Need a website? We have a fully integrated process to carry the project from creative concept to development and delivery. Our team stands out from other agency’s teams because we “get” technology and backend programming just as much as we “get” UI and UIX design.


App UX / UI Design and Development

Miranda Design will help you take your brand across devices and platforms and help you deliver your brand in the best ways possible. Check out our recent article for startups: The Lean Startup and Why You Want A Minimum Viable Product.

We Want to Make Your Competitors Cower

Maybe not cower—but we do want to help you make a huge impact and stand out from your competitors…

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Our mission is to be a catalyst for YOUR success. We work closely with you to make sure your app or website sets you up with the greatest potential for your company. Whether it’s a Website, a Web Application or a Mobile App—we want to help you catapult your brand forward!
One thing that sets us apart from other interactive agencies is that we are a strategic creative group that really “gets” UX/UI design, usability, and backend technology. We are well-versed in all aspects of these core competencies and this allows us to make them work in the most seamless, efficient way. We work as a small core integrated team—this is be design. And this means you get way more bang for your buck than with one of those larger agencies.
Miranda Design is led by Craig Miranda. He has over 20 years experience in marketing, creative direction, graphic design and development. Unlike most traditional marketers/creatives, he also has a thorough knowledge of programming and works fluently in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, mySQL, Node.js and other languages. This ability allows him to fulfill the role of Lead Designer and Lead Developer. He considers this a vital part of maintaining the integrity and functionality of the client’s objectives—all the way from the conceptual phase to the coding phase. He is very hands on and drives the process at all levels.
Contact us! Even just to chat about the parameters of your project and see if it’s a fit. We’re friendly and we’re excited and passionate about the tech landscape of this time. If it’s not a fit, we can offer advise and also point you in the right direction in our network of tech, marketing, creative, and photography professionals. If it is, you got a great team standing in your corner!
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